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Vande Gurunam

The ashtanga vinyasa practice begins with the student chanting of the vande gurunam mantra, expressing the devotion that the student has for his or her teacher or guru. The first half of the mantra addresses the god Shiva, the 'Mahayogi'; the second half addresses the sage Patanjali, who was the first to codify the principles of yoga in his work the Yoga Sutras


Vande Gurunam Charanaravindeh
Sandarashita Svatmasukhava Bodehh
Nishreyaseh Jangalikayamaneh
Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai
Abahu Purushakaram
Shankhachakrasi Dharinam
Sahasra Shirasam Shvetam
Pranamami Patanjalim
I pray at the feet of the supreme Guru, Who teaches the good knowledge
Showing the way to knowing the self, Awakening great happiness
Who is the doctor of the jungle, Able to remove the poison
of ignorance conditioned existence.
In his guise as the divine serpent, With one thousand radiant heads.
Human in form below the shoulders, holding the sword of discrimination
the wheel of time and the conch of divine sound
to the sage Patanjali, I bow.


Mangala Mantra

The mangala mantra is a very beautiful mantra chanted at the end of a student's practice. It essentially asks that all people use good judgement, and for happiness and peace to be bestowed on all creatures.


svasti prajabhyah paripalayantam
nyayena margena mahim mahisah
gobrahmanebhyah subhamasthu nityam
lokasamasta sukhinobhavantu
Aum shaanti shaanti shaanti
 May there be well being to the people
May the leaders rule the earth along the right path
May all the creatures of the earth have well being forever
May all the beings in all the worlds be happy
Om peace peace peace