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MG Ekam

Ekam Yoga instructors are dedicated to their own self-practice. Drawing from their daily experience on the mat, and a variety of other sources, Ekam instructors create a personal experience for the student, encouraging self-knowledge and self-exploration.

Ekam instructors have made at least one trip to Mysore, India, or have practiced in a similar environment. At Ekam Yoga, instructors are in a collaborative, supportive environment that stresses personal practice and excellence in instruction.

Receiving authorization or certification to teach the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga method from the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute requires many years of dedication and perseverance. Currently, there are no authorized or certified teachers in South Africa. Ekam invites ashtanga vinyasa teachers from around the world to come and share their knowledge with us. If you are interested in visiting South Africa and teach in the traditional method please contact us!