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potandbeadsWelcome to Ekam Yoga!

Sunday, 30 March is a moon day. The next moon days at Ekam are 15 and 29 April. Please note the Ekam moon days for 2014 here.

Over the next three months I’m embarking a 12-week personal development program focussed on strengthening my personal yoga practice. As part of this program I’m going start blogging again and will be developing video content aimed directly at ashtanga beginners, practitioners struggling with injuries, and those who are looking beyond a physical yoga practice. I invite all of you to ‘Like’ the Ekam Yoga Facebook page (as if you haven’t already), follow me (@ekamyogini) on twitter, and check out my blog. And then join in the fun: comment, share, get inspired! You don’t need a special reason to jump start your yoga practice, but you can join me as I jump start mine.


Sadly, Monday evening led class is cancelled, however...

More Evening Ashtanga Vinyasa classes: Starting 1 April I’ll be teaching led ashtanga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7:30pm. These classes are ideal for beginners and those of you who can’t seem to make it out of bed in the morning for Mysore self-practice. If you've always wanted to try out ashtanga, this is where to start!

Ashtanga Beginner Workshop I will be holding an Ashtanga Vinyasa Beginners Workshop on 26-27 April. Running from 1-3:30pm both days, we will cover the basics of ashtanga from theory to practice. This is a kick-start for anyone thinking about taking the leap into an ashtanga practice. For those already practicing, it will offer some interesting background information and give you some helpful hints for getting the most out of your practice. Reserve your space via email. Cost is R500 and includes a week of Mysore practice after the workshop.

About Ekam Yoga

Ekam means ‘one’ in Sanskrit. It is also the number associated with the first inhale and posture of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice. For Ekam Yoga, it represents the individual practitioner and the community in which they practice. Ekam Yoga seeks to be more than a place to take an Ashtanga class, but an environment to develop and deepen a student’s self-practice. Thus, our schedule reflects the daily practice time required to acclimatize the body and mind to self-practice. In addition, our instructors are dedicated to their own self-practice, and to encouraging others to find their own time and space, on and off the mat. Join us in the Ekam community and explore the many benefits of self-practice.