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Trini: Beginners

A beginner is:beginners_1

  • Anyone who has never taken a yoga class before
  • Anyone who has never taken an ashtanga vinyasa class before
  • Anyone who has taken an ashtanga vinyasa class before and hated it
  • Anyone who feels they need more assistance with their yoga practice

Most importantly, beginners are always welcome at Ekam Yoga!

Practicing yoga is a commitment to yourself and can be a challenge, for your body and your mind. Here's how we make it easy for you:

  • We make your first month cheap! You'll pay less for your first month at Ekam Yoga, making it easier on your wallet, even if it's not so easy on your body.
  • We teach in the traditional method. This ensures that you are proceeding at your own pace, learning correct alignment, vinyasa, breathing and sequencing. This method reduces stress, injury, and sets you on your own journey to an empowered practice.

Some other notes for beginners:

  • It's no secret: practice makes perfect. You will develop an ease to your practice sooner and learn new postures more quickly if you are practicing three or more times during the week.
  • It's not supposed to hurt! If it does, tell an instructor. We'll hopefully be able to tell you why it hurts, and what to do to make it stop.
  • Learning new things is frustrating! That's why we encourage you to take it slow. And let an instructor know if you're feeling frustrated, or angry, or emotional. It's part of the process and believe me, we've all been there too!
  • Ladies, no practice during the first 2-3 days of your menstrual cycle. This is called 'ladies holiday' and it's meant to be a holiday. If you must practice, do not practice any inversions.
  • We encourage you to show up early for your first class, at least 10 minutes before class begins to orient yourself, sign our practitioner contract and prepare.

For more information see also the Etiquette and Mysore style sections.