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Panca: Etiquette

There are rules? Yes, of course there are!

You are required to sign-in before each practice, signing-in is also an agreement with the rules below. Note that you practice yoga at Ekam at your own risk.

The Ekam Yoga studio space is intended to be a reflection of the traditional teaching and yoga asana practice environment of ashtanga vinyasa yoga; these guidelines reflect the philosophy and rigor of that environment. But it doesn’t mean that practice can't be fun!

1.     Practice the yamas and the niyamas. Practicing these first two limbs of ashta-anga is an important piece in your asana practice. If you ever find yourself struggling on your mat (or anywhere else in your life) this is where to start:

Yamas (external restraints) Niyamas (internal restraints)

Satya: Truth

Ahimsa: Non-violence

Brahmacharya: Restraint

Asteya: Non-stealing

Aparigraha: Non-grasping

Saucha: Cleanliness

Santosha: Contentment

Tapas: Austerity

Svadhyaya: Self-study

Isvara Pranidhana: Surrender

2.     The gate opens at 6am and closes at 6:15am after the mantra. If you're not in, you're out for the day.

3.     It is said that every exit is an entrance somewhere else. If you’re arriving or departing when others are practicing, make your entrances and exits quietly. And refrain from conversations in the space that might be disruptive to others.

4.     So you know some really cool yoga poses? Good for you! However, we ask that you do not add, skip, or alter the ashtanga vinyasa series, in the sequence it is assigned by your instructor, in any way as it could be confusing or distracting to others.

5.    The instructor is there to help, so feel free to ask questions regarding sequencing, or if you feel lost, or if you need an adjustment. A nod, a wink, or a wave should be all it takes to get them to come over and assist. Don’t be shy, we love pouncing on you for the benefit of your practice!

6.     You’re a yoga instructor? Awesome! However, instruction and adjustments may only be provided by the instructor teaching at the time. Even if you are a yoga instructor, refrain from instructing or adjusting any other fellow practitioner.

7.     Hydrate throughout the day, every day! But where possible avoid liquids prior to practice. In addition, avoid solid foods for at least four hours prior to practice. Note that water bottles are not allowed in the studio.

8.     What’s that smell? We endeavor to keep the space free from any fragrance or scent as many people do have allergies and sensitivities. Do not wear perfumes, colognes or anything with a strong scent into the studio.

9.     For the safety of the instructors and others practicing, leave ALL personal items (watches, jewelry, keys, cell phones, coats, shoes, bags, water bottles, props, EVERYTHING, etc.) in the reception area. Yes it is safe! You only need your mat and a towel.